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Oxygen Face Therapies

How do OXYjet therapies work?

We all know that oxygen is elixir of life. The difference between young skin and old skin is that young skin has adequate supply of oxygen and thus the skin looks dehydrated and wrinkled along with pigmentation related changes.

OXYjet uses pressurized oxygen in order to deliver to deliver purest form of oxygen to cellular components so as to rejuvenate the skin and bringing about youthful radiance. The BEAUTY TOX component of the treatment is sent to deepest layers of the skin to achieve high-quality long lasting results. OXYjet stimulates production of collagen and also renewal of cellular components so as to reverse the signs of aging without having to go through pain of injections poking into skin.

Which all OXYinfusion therapies are available at Skin Alive?

OXYinfusion therapies are very unique in the sense that they integrate the use of concentrated pure oxygen as well as other special treatments like diamond polishing, circulatory techniques, exfoliation etc.

  • OXYjet Facial: This is an all-round facial which can be availed by men and women for continuing looking good instantly and feeling refreshed and great. Natural active serums are integrated with a stream of pure oxygen to combat against stress showing on face.
  • OXYclear Facial: This treatment involves oxygen deep cleansing exfoliation. During this facial, concentrated oxygen is supplied to the skin which revitalizes and works on impurities by disinfecting them. With OXYclear lotion, it cleanses the deep pores. Bio blue light is used to smoothen the skin and bio red light stimulates atrophic skin for rejuvenation purpose.
  • OXYdiamond Facial: concentrated oxygen along with diamond skin polishing removes deep seated impurities and stimulates the skin for that radiant glow. Cellular processes are activated in the deeper dermal layers resulting in comeback of youthful skin.
  • OXYtone Facial: this facial utilizes very unique polyrotation head which stimulates and tightens the skin and facial contours are lifted up visibly. Concentrated oxygen is used to refresh and invigorate the skin. Bio light might be used if needed.

How is the treatment performed?

The pulsed oxygen pressure is supplied to the facial skin so as to invigorate cellular components. Highly specialized formulations and oxygen penetrate the deepest of dermal layers because of high pulsed pressure. This leads to reduction of impurities. The oxygen energizes the skin and acts on revitalization. The treatment is customized and diamond polishing, exfoliation or circulation techniques are added as per individual client’s requirements. The skin is rejuvenated and has a youthful radiance. Face looks fresh, young and healthy with a glow.

Which conditions can be treated with OXYjet Treatment?

  • Skin changes related to aging.
  • Pigmentation related issues.
  • Atrophy of skin.
  • Acne related skin conditions.
  • Scars.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines.

What should I expect after the OXYjet Treatment?

  • OXYjet results in younger looking skin without having to go through surgeries or injections. It gives your face an immediate boost for a special occasion with long-lasting results.
  • OXYjet is trusted by celebrities worldwide and results are often called miraculous. Pure oxygen delivered to skin works wonders in rejuvenating the skin. It is superb at reducing fine lines, smoothening wrinkles especially those present at delicate under-eye area, softening and plumping nasal folds.
  • All in all, OXYjet treatments bring about a youthful and radiant glow to the skin and signs of aging are actually reversed painlessly.

What are the advantages of OXYjet Treatment?

  • It is a painless alternative to antiaging therapies like Botox or surgeries.
  • OXYjet uses pressurized pure oxygen and is free of any toxins.
  • It is extremely safe but highly effective.
  • OXYjet is like breath of life for dull looking skin.
  • It is gentle and the oxygen acts as a vitalizing energizer.
  • It gives smoother and radiant appearance with filling up of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The treatments can be customized per client’s requirement. It might be used as one time treatment for a special occasion to get that immediate lift and maintenance treatments can be used for long-lasting results.

Is OXYjet painful?

No, OXYjet is absolutely painless.

Why should I choose Skin Alive for treatment?

  • Skin Alive has been felicitated with the award of “Best Medical Spa in India” by the very prestigious Vogue magazine. This honor makes us extremely happy and at the same time encourages us to provide only the best to our clients.
  • Hygiene And Safety: We at Skin Alive adhere to International Quality Standards with highest degree of hygiene and safety norms.
  • Tailor-made Treatment Plans: Customized treatment options as per client requirements are rendered with unmatched precision.
  • World Class Technology & Highly Qualified Team: At Skin Alive, we take pride in our highly qualified team constituting of superspecialist doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, laser technicians, skin care therapists, liposuction specialist, dietitians, and support staff. The team which has handpicked professionals undergoes intensive world class training on latest technology and is routinely updated to be able to provide experience that is class apart.
  • Minimal Bruising and Quick Recovery: Our meticulously devised techniques result in minimal bruising and fastest possible recovery for our clients.
  • Long-Term Overall Well Being: We believe in treating the clients not only for a particular condition but counseling them about their overall well being and steps to prevent recurrence of the condition.

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