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Keloids or Scars

What are keloids?

Keloid is a scar that appears usually at the site of skin damaged by acne, burns, cuts, chicken pox, insect bites, piercing or tattoo. It surfaces like a hypertrophic scar, but expands outside the wound margins and generally builds over time as the skin heals from its damage. Keloids are benign (non-cancerous) and fibrous skin tumours.

The cells in the skin may produce excessive amounts of collagen with keloid scars and the collagen fibres are also thick and wavy. This makes the appearance of keloids thick and raised causing psychological distress to the victim. Bigger scars may interfere with daily activities and in some rare a keloid may become cancerous. Keloids are more common in people with darker skin and they may appear because of genetic skin disorders or presence of high number of fibroblasts in the skin.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

As disfiguring marks left on the skin by healing of injured tissues, keloids can be recognised by their following signs and symptoms:

  • Firm, raised, soft and at times shiny disfigurement on the skin – keloids are not painful but can cause itchiness, burning sensation or inflammation at times.
  • Pink or red coloured scars and usually darker or lighter than the colour of surrounding skin.
  • Scars extending beyond the limits or original wound, at times by several centimetres.
  • Changes in colour, shape and size of scars with time.
Keloid scars typically develop on the arms, ears, back, lower legs, chest and neck. They can appear with healing of wounds or may develop over months and years. But keloids do not grow indefinitely.

What causes keloids?

Skin injuries and diseases such as chicken pox and small pox leave behind scars that take form of keloids. The wounds and cuts that typically cause keloids include burns, scratches, surgical incisions, vaccination marks, insect bites, ear and other body part piercing and tattoos.

Studies have shown that genetic factors also play a strong part. If one or both of your parents have keloids, you too may be affected.

Am I at risk of developing keloids?

Keloid scars are more common in people with darker skins and they are more likely to occur during ten to thirty years of age. Other factors that increase the chance of keloids include:

  • Deep wounds on skin such as those caused by infections, burns and surgery cuts
  • Acne scars and marks left by vaccinations, chicken pox, small pox
  • Genetic skin problems

How to prevent this condition?

To reduce your chances of forming keloid scars, you can take precautions such as:

  • Treating cuts, bruises and other wounds on skins when they are fresh.
  • Avoiding unnecessary invasive cosmetic surgeries
  • Avoiding tattoos and body piercing
  • Consulting your dermatologist when you see an abnormal scar or lesion surfacing on the skin.

Treatment at Skin Alive

Minor keloid scars fade away by themselves although this is not very common. Certain scars can be left untreated since they do not cause any painful symptoms. But prominent keloids on exposed parts of the body become cosmetic concerns and a treatment may therefore be required. You should also visit your dermatologist to rule out the possibility of other tumours or skin diseases.

In some treatments corticosteroid injections may be given to shrink keloids. Using the top rated cutting edge technologies Skin Alive has tailored therapies for treating keloid scars. Our dermatologists recommend the best solution as per your individual skin condition and the treatment options include:

  • NdYAG Laser - A pulsed light or laser beam delivered by the system is selectively absorbed by the vessels of the lesions and is then destroyed or shed away.
  • Affirm Fractional Laser - The small scars left after treatment of keloids are removed and the bigger ones are made less conspicuous with this laser therapy
  • Cynergy PDL Laser-It is used in treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.Very effective in treating Keloids.

Your Appointment

As a leading laser clinic for scar removal we have treated thousands of people to give them pleasing results against their keloid problems. When you come to Skin Alive our dermatologists diagnose your scar condition and formulate a bespoke plan for therapies to be given. With a range of services and skin care products under one roof, you can conveniently get the results that you seek. The doctors and dermatologists at Skin Alive also consider your personal health and allergies to medications if any, before recommending a treatment.

Have a candid discussion with your dermatologist and get the custom treatment that you need for your skin concern.

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