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Hives or Urticaria

What are hives?

Known as urticaria in medical terminology, hives are the swollen, pale red bumpy spots, patches or marks that suddenly surface on the skin. They usually affect one in six people and may be caused by allergies to some plants, chemicals or foreign bodies. Hives do cause itching but may also feel inflammatory or stinging. They can affect any part of the body including face, lips and ears. Hives may also appear on tongue. Their size can vary from pea size to more than 6 inches in diameter.

In some cases hives last only for a few hours and in others it may persist for over 6 weeks – this condition is called chronic urticaria and is rare. In acute urticaria the marks disappear in 24-48 hours and this skin disorder can affect anyone at any age.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

The signs of hives include:

  • Itchy, red welts on the skin – these may merge together to create one large rash or may spread out to form numerous smaller ones.
  • Severe inflammation on the edge of rash and pale colour in its centre
  • More of pain and burning sensation than itching on the rash
It is advisable to meet a doctor hives continue to occur for more than a month and start causing swelling and dizziness.

What causes hives or urticaria?

Hives usually appear in reaction to external irritants that may be ingested or come in contact with skin. The welts that come with hives surface when cells release histamine into the bloodstream. Some people develop urticaria rashes after consuming foods like eggs, milk, nuts, berries, tomatoes and fish.

Hives may also be triggered by alcohol, some medications, cosmetics, soaps or perfumes Exercise, stress and pressure caused by belts, straps and elastic can cause hive patches

Am I at risk of developing hives or urticaria?

As a number of factors play a role in development of this skin problem, it can affect anyone but the people who are at a greater risk include:

  • Women / Girls
  • Young adults

How to prevent this condition?

If you are unaware of the materials/food substances that can cause allergic reactions on your skin, it may not be possible to prevent hives or urticaria. But once your doctor diagnoses the condition and discovers the actual factors, you can avoid the trigger in future by avoiding such food or environmental attributes.

People who have just recovered from urticaria outbreak should avoid wearing tight outfits or being in high-humidity areas, as this can result in another outbreak.

Treatment at Skin Alive

Non sedating antihistamine is a common treatment for mild or moderate case of hives. It relieves symptoms such as itching. For severe or chronic urticaria, your dermatologist may prescribe antihistamine with cortisones, dapsone and medications to fight off inflammation. But some of these drugs have side effects and this is why they must be taken only when prescribed by a dermatologist or medical practitioner.

Your Appointment

Skin Alive uses holistic approach and develops a personalised treatment protocol for its patients. When you visit us for treatment of urticaria or hives, we review the symptoms and identify the basic triggers that caused the problem. The doctors at our clinic also check the secondary factors, if any, that continue to worsen the condition. A customised treatment plan is then developed to treat the condition and provide you long term relief. The medications and topical application products that you need for the course are also available at Skin Alive centres. You will be given the prescription for any topical medication that is required in the course of treatment or a few days after the course to speed up and improve the results.

Committed to the art of aesthetic and safe dermatology, Skin Alive offers personalised therapies in relaxing environment. We work to give you relief from painful symptoms and healthier skin for fine cosmesis.

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