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Hair Loss

What is hair loss?

Hair loss, also known as alopecia usually affects the scalp due to genetically obtained conditions, the use of some medicines / hair care products or because of an underlying medical problem. The condition can strike at any age and hair loss is experienced by children, adolescents and adult men and women.

While ‘hair loss’ implies loss of hair from any part of the body, the term baldness is used to refer to loss of hair from scalp. It results due to progressive hair fall or thinning of hair. There are people for whom baldness is not a concern and they do not seek any treatment for it. Some others use hats, caps, scarves or wigs to cover a bald scalp. Women often try different hairstyles to hide the patches created by loss of hair from some parts of scalp. Hair oils with balanced formulas and oral drugs are available for treating hair loss. And now that technology offers superior procedures, some people opt for laser and light based treatments or expensive hair transplants to treat this cosmetic concern.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

The loss of hair shows in different ways as per the factors that cause the problem. In some cases there may be loss of hair from other parts of the body including eyebrows. Hair loss can be temporary or permanent. The common signs of this condition include:

  • Receding hairline (usually in men) that starts from the forehead and gradually causes broadening of the forehead as rate of hair fall increases
  • Patches without hair on the scalp
  • Loosening of hair – you may get handfuls of hair out of your scalp while washing or combing them. This form of hair loss is thinning of hair and may not always cause bald patches
  • Loss of hair from all parts of body – this happens in specific treatments such as chemotherapy for cancer

What causes hair loss?

Loss of 50-100 strands of hair from the scalp is a normal process and should not be a concern. Hair loss is usually caused due to hereditary conditions, and certain sex hormones may lead to a pattern of severe hair loss. In men the problem of thinning can start as early as puberty. In women hormonal imbalances and changes can cause hair loss and these imbalances are often created by pregnancy, discontinuing birth control pills and after menopause.

Some medical conditions such as thyroid disorders and scalp or skin infections lead to hair loss. Alopecia areata is a condition wherein body's immune system begins to attack the hair follicles and causes smooth, roundish bald patches on scalp.

Chemotherapy used for cancer treatment does cause hair loss. Medicines used in treating arthritis, depression, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure can also lead to gradual thinning of hair. Some styling gels and shampoos can trigger loss of hair.

At times the aftermath of a strong physical or emotional shock can cause hair loss over consequent period. Traction hair loss occurs if you pull hair too tightly for some hair styles.

Am I at risk of developing hair loss?

Some hair loss occurs for everyone but the factors that put you at increased risk of this condition include:

  • Genetics
  • Too many hair treatments viz. overuse or incorrect use of hair colouring products, frequent use of hair curling rods or straighteners, excessive hairstyling using tight clips and pins
  • Crash dieting or imbalanced meals – missing sources of iron and protein in food

How to prevent this condition?

You can prevent losing your hair by making some changes in diet and lifestyle:

  • Take a balanced diet rich in proteins, iron, calcium and vitamins
  • Avoid hair styles that cause strain on roots of hair
  • Ensure that you are using the right shampoo, hair oil and other hair care products – discontinue the usage of products that cause hair problems

Treatment at Skin Alive

Normally the hair lost from scalp is replaced by new hair over time. But severe hair loss is upsetting and you may wish for a good treatment. Several over-the-counter and prescription medications including oral pills are available for treating the problem of thinning hair. But some of them can cause side affects in form of scalp irritation and at times unwanted hair can grow behind the ear or on sides of forehead.

Hair transplant is a new remedy for treating hair loss but this can be very expensive and not everyone can afford it. Surgical scalp reduction procedure is also an alternative but being an invasive therapy, this does not have many takers.

Skin Alive has proven and safe therapies against hair fall and dandruff. We help you to get back thicker and healthier hair and at our centres you also get the products that promote hair growth. The array of hair treatments at Skin Alive include:

  • Laser Light Therapy - For this we use a LaserComb that stimulates hair follicles. While bathing your scalp with a gently nourishing laser light, energy is infused into the follicles and this stimulates growth factors, lengthens the growth phase and helps in restoring a healthy hair cycle.
  • Ozone Therapy - This therapy is recommended for hair growth and repair. Ozone liberates free oxygen when supplied to any part of the body. In this form, it counteracts the active offenders in the body including the ones in hair roots. The neutralising action of ozone rejuvenates hair roots and as they become stronger, hair loss stops and growth starts again.
  • LED Therapy - It involves the use of an invasive light to stimulate blood flow throughout the scalp. The light is transmitted with specific wavelength on scalp skin where it optimises the immune responses of the blood. It helps in supplying vital oxygen and energy to each cell and the cell associated with hair growth are stimulated in the process.
  • Stem Cell Therapy - Stem cells including those present in the bulge of a hair follicle produce new follicles and grow new hair. Skin Alive has custom made instruments for accurate delivery of the cells into hair follicle, to an appropriate depth. Alternatively, the stem cells are introduced through the scalp rolling technology where they are delivered by means of tiny pricks into the scalp surface.
  • Peptide Therapy - Peptides are bio-mimetic synthesised hair-growth formulations that are derived from Stem Cell technology. We have a range of effective peptides based products that contain more than 30 skin conditioning ingredients including vitamins and plant extracts to promote healthy hair growth.
  • PRP or Vampire’s face lift - Vampire FaceLift is an exceptionally innovative trademarked technology where magical factors from your own blood are used to rejuvenate your face and get back a younger looking you and hence the name Vampire FaceLift.

Your Appointment

On your first appointment at Skin Alive a dermatologist will diagnose the problem to determine the best course for treatment. If you have undergone any other clinical procedure or have taken medicines to stop hair loss, those will be considered to customise your hair growth course. Do inform your dermatologist if your hair loss was caused by special procedures such as chemotherapy or a radiation based treatment.

Team Skin Alive is committed to excellence in service and we do not mind going beyond the call of duty to serve our valuable clients. All your queries for skin and hair treatments will be duly resolved at our centres.

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