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Hair loss is a common problem faced by men and women and now it increasingly affects adolescents too. Skin Alive uses internationally acclaimed, proven and safe technologies to resolve this concern for its clients. All our centres offer effective treatments for baldness, thinning hair and dandruff.

We have the LASER LIGHT THERAPY to stimulate laser hair growth. This is a low level laser therapy that uses infra red light to activate the growth of thick and full hair. The energy works for cellular metabolism, and improves blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the follicles for hair growth.

The range of hair growth treatments at Skin Alive includes OZONE THERAPY that also helps in fighting dandruff besides promoting healthy hair growth. With its unstable molecule containing three oxygen atoms, ozone has high oxidising properties and releases free oxygen radicals when it is injected into the scalp. Thanks to neutralising action of ozone, hair roots are rejuvenated and as they become stronger, hair growth is stimulated.

In some cases, the dermatologists at Skin Alive recommend the LED THERAPY. In this an invasive light is used to stimulate blood flow throughout the scalp. With a specific wavelength, the light works on scalp skin where the immune responses of the blood are optimised. Vital oxygen is supplied to all cells and the cells associated with hair growth are stimulated in the process.

The fourth alternative for hair growth is through STEM CELL THERAPY. Stem cells are tiny progenitor cells in the body. The treatment works by activating stem cells that already exist in the scalp and these cells give off chemical signals to follicle cells that had shrunk during the ageing process. The hair follicles respond to these signals by regenerating and make healthy hair once again. We have custom made instruments for accurate delivery of the cells into hair follicle, to an appropriate depth.

Skin Alive also uses PEPTIDE THERAPY to start healthy hair growth. Derived from Stem Cell technology, peptides are bio-mimetic synthesised hair-growth formulations. Our centres have effectual peptides based products that contain more than 30 skin conditioning ingredients including vitamins and plant extracts to stimulate growth of thick, healthy hair.

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