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Fat Deposit

What is excess fat deposit condition?

Skin is the largest organ of the human body and covers the entire skeletal system. It includes different layers that are formulated from fat tissue cells and muscle cells. The accumulation of fat under the skin is a normal process and this also acts as an insulator against the external elements to prevent hyperthermia. But with the increase of this fat deposit it can become a cosmetic concern. The skin appears loose or saggy, spoiling the look of body’s natural contours.

Fat deposits are actually held as energy reserves and are harmless to the body (unless they reach blood vessel walls). It is the unsightly appearance they cause that affects an individual’s self confidence.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

As this is more of a cosmetic issue, the amount of fat deposit that can become bothersome differs from person to person. It also depends upon the height, body structure and gender of an individual. The usual signs that prompt some people to go for corrective procedures include:

  • Sagging or loose skin that hangs around arms, legs, thighs and waist
  • Appearance of double chin due to fatty skin layers on cheeks and below the jaw
  • Thick skin lumps that seem unsightly on different body parts especially while wearing tight outfits

What causes excess fat deposit?

Fat build up in most cases in caused by improper eating habits and lack of adequate exercise. Pressed for time in their hectic work schedules, most people today consume increasing quantities of processed and convenient foods such are pizzas, burgers, fries, cheese sandwiches, macaroni, pastas and sugar rich canned juices. Furthermore, modern lifestyle entails use of tech rich appliances for cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, gardening and other common activities. This results in low level of bodily movement.

The intake of saturated fat rich food coupled with restricted physical activity levels results in storage of fat layers under the skin and this increases with time. The skin then starts to appear saggy and body gets shapeless.

In some cases excess fat deposits may be the result of abnormal metabolism or the inability of body to burn fat through physical activities. Prader-Willi syndrome, Cushing's syndrome and some other diseases are related to obesity and fat deposit.

Am I at risk of having excess fat deposits?

Excess fat deposit occurs when you consume more calories than what you burn through daily activities and workouts. The factors that are directly related to this condition may be summarised as:

  • A diet rich in high-calorie food and beverages such as fries, burgers, creamy pastas, pastries, cakes, colas and juices with added sugar
  • Sedentary lifestyle that includes long duration desk jobs and lacks physical work
  • Lack of sleep or too much of sleep causing changes in hormones and increasing craving for carbohydrate rich food
  • Weight gain due to pregnancy
  • Intake of certain medicines that treat depression, fits, or diabetes
  • Advancing age coupled with hormonal changes and inactive lifestyle
  • Genetics – some people inherit a tendency to store fat from their parents or families
Deposit of fat if unchecked for a long time can go on to create serious health problems such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, vascular diseases, stroke and gall bladder diseases.

How to prevent this condition?

Extra deposit of fat in some parts of the body is not necessarily obesity and therefore not a health risk. Some amount of fat is also essential to cushion the skin against minor injuries. But increase of this deposit can create a paunch on belly, loose skin hanging from arms, double chin on face and thickening of skin on other parts of the body – these look and feel unpleasant. To prevent such conditions you can use the following tips:

  • Make some form of physical exercise a regular part of your daily routine
  • Walk to nearby places instead of always using a vehicle
  • Eat balanced and filling meals rich in fibre and vitamins
  • Do not skip breakfast and keep your dinner light
  • If you have a tendency to put on weight easily include more of vegetables and fruits in your diet instead of bread, cereals and pasta
  • Choose healthy snacks such as nuts, popcorn without butter, puffed rice, non-fat yogurt and whole grain granola bars instead of always going for fries, chips and salt rich munchies
  • Keep a check on your weight and make adjustments in your diet and lifestyle if you observe undesired layers of fat
  • To get rid of fat avoid drastic and unrealistic changes in diet

Treatment at Skin Alive

Dietary changes and exercises do help in losing weight. At times people also go for weight loss medications but some of these can have strong side effects and should not be taken without medical prescription. Invasive medical procedures such as liposuction are generally required only for people who are obese. If a minor tummy tuck or sculpting of arms and legs can help you to get in shape, you don’t really need to go for liposuction under general anaesthesia.

At Skin Alive we have safe and state-of-the-art procedures for cellulite removal, body contouring & tightening, and also for removal of stretch marks. These include:

  • Coolsculpting - Nonsurgical fat removal procedure entails reduction of stubborn fat from the body without any surgery or incision.
  • i-Lipo™ - This non-invasive alternative to liposuction gives you inch loss and body sculpting without any pain. There are no needles and no post-treatment downtime involved. It is a targeted fat reduction technique to shape the body attractively.
  • Mesolipo - Mesolipo is a body reshaping procedure that reduces and reshapes specific undesired pocket of fats in your body, especially in your hips, thighs, stomach, bottom, back, waist, under breasts, underarms and above knees.
  • Smooth Shapes® - The treatment involves dynamic laser and light energy with mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage) to assist in moving the excess fat out through the lymphatic system. The skin is also smoothened and tightened as collagen production is stimulated in the process.

Your Appointment

For your first appointment we invite you to have a private consultation with a specialist at Skin Alive. We will diagnose the condition and consider your expectations from the treatment. This helps us to determine the procedure that will help you achieve the finest outcome. Our team knows that an ‘off-the-shelf approach’ does not work for skin and body care and this is why we are always ready to offer customised blend of our treatments to give you delightful results.

A healthy and vibrant appearance is no more a matter of age, gender or lifestyle – it is a matter of CHOICE and Skin Alive helps you to look your best without expensive and invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

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