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Facial Hair

What is the problem of facial hair?

While facial hair that grow into moustache or beard are natural in men, some women also develop this condition and get dark hair on their chin, above the lips and on the forehead. Some of these hair are very light in colour and not noticeable. Periodic salon treatments such as threading, waxing and bleaching therefore work to remove or conceal them. But female facial hair can become hard and coarse due to hirsutism – an excessive hair condition – and then it gets embarrassing and needs special treatment.

The tendency to get excessive facial hair or hirsutism is due to abnormal production of male hormones in women. But this condition can be treated for permanent or long term results through special clinical procedure.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

All women have some small hair on their forehead, face and above the lips. These are light in colour and not really visible. But when facial hair becomes hard and excessive they can be seen especially on chin, in front of neck and above the lips. This is a cosmetic concern for which women seek effective treatment.

What causes facial hair?

Hair grows on a man’s face when androgens (male hormones) in his blood reach the cells that live in the base of follicles. Women too have measurable amounts of androgens in their blood but the normal levels are quite low than in a man’s blood. The cells in hair follicles on woman’s face also respond to the androgen that reaches them. So if the level of androgens is unusually high in a woman, her face gets more hair than normal.

Facial hair growth may also be due to cells (in follicles) getting more easily stimulated by androgens. In some cases higher amounts of androgen come through medications used in treatment of schizophrenia, fits, migraine headaches, bipolar disorder and high BP. There are birth control pills and steroids that have androgens or have impacts similar to androgens. Hormonal changes caused during pregnancy and menopause can also stimulate facial hair growth in women.

Am I at risk of having facial hair?

Some facial hair is there in all women but the condition becomes a cosmetic issue when this is excessive or the hair gets coarse and dark in colour. The factors that can increase the chances of facial hair in women include:

  • Family History - the problem usually runs in the families
  • Race and Ethnicity - women from communities in South Asia, Middle East and Mediterranean regions have facial hair more often than others
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome - this medical condition can cause unwanted facial hair especially if the woman is also obese

How to prevent this condition?

If you have a tendency for growth of facial hair due to genetics or family history you cannot really prevent it. But if this problem has been triggered by the intake of a medicine to treat particular medical conditions or by birth control pills, it is wise to consult you doctor and seek an alternative.

Treatment at Skin Alive

Plucking or tweezing, threading and waxing are commonly used to remove hair from face and neck. Bleaching is used to lighten the colour of black hair on face. But these need to be repeated on a regular basis as hair grows back within 15-20 days. Furthermore, while they are effective for women with minor hair growth, the ones with severe form of this problem may need stronger treatments for long term relief.

In some cases doctors recommend anti-androgen drugs to treat the problem of facial hair. But these cannot be taken by women who are considering pregnancy as they affect the development of foetus adversely.

At Skin Alive you get skin and hair treatments that give satisfying, safe and long lasting results. To remove facial hair we use modern laser therapies through which you get rid of excess hair from face and also get smoother skin texture and better complexion. The system that we use for hair removal includes:

Nd:YAG Long Pulse - This laser is most practical for removing black or dark brown hair that grow on skin of Indian women. While this is a painless therapy, we also use topical anaesthetic to make it more comfortable for you. All you feel is a warm stinging sensation with the movement of laser tool. The beam goes deep into the hair follicles on face; they are heated and destroyed to prevent the growth of hair. With high standards of safety, this laser is used by dermatologists worldwide for face and body hair removal procedures.

Soprano Laser - Soprano has an 810-nm diode laser technology and the beam emitted by this system penetrates deep into the dermis to damage the hair follicle and prevent re-growth. It emits high average power and a rapid 10 pulse-per-second repetition rate. The laser is suitable for all skin types and with its uniform delivery of energy no spots on face are skipped during the treatment.

Your Appointment

Skin Alive invites you for an in-depth consolation with a dermatologist to get your queries about facial hair growth resolved, and learn about the technology for the treatment that will suit your condition the best. For all our procedures we also have post-treatment follow ups to ensure that you are satisfied with the results or the progressive outcome of your therapy.

In the comfortable environment of our centres and with the practised hands of our specialists and support staff, you will get truly safe laser treatments with pleasing outcomes.

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