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Dyschromia or Hyper pigmentation of Skin

What is dyschromia?

Dyschromia is a condition characterised by changes in colour of skin, nails or hair. The colour of your skin depends upon the amount of melanocytes that you have. Dyschromia is typically in form of hyper pigmentation that causes dark patches on the skin. Melasma is also a form of dyschromia in which tan or brown patches commonly appear on face.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

Signs of dyschromia or hyperpigmentation include:

  • Dark patches that do not match with natural skin colour.
  • Dark or discoloured spots on skin that has healed from acne
  • Mottled skin
  • Excessive freckles or age spots especially on facial skin

What causes dyschromia?

Prolonged exposure to sun can result in increased density of melanocytes – the pigment producing cells – that cause darkening of skin. In women, hormonal changes at time of pregnancy, menopause, intake of birth control pills, or going for a hormone replacement therapy may cause the appearance of patches on the skin

At times changes in blood vessels under the epidermis may result in dyschromia. These changes can occur because of blood thinning medicines or inflammation of blood vessels. If the blood vessels rupture, blood may get into tissues beneath the skin, form blood spots that make skin appear patchy.

In some people radiation therapy causes discolouration or hyper pigmentation.

Am I at risk of developing dyschromia?

You are at a higher risk of hyper pigmentation problems if you:

  • Spend a long time working under the sun
  • Have a fair skin
  • Have suffered a major injury that resulted in blood vessel changes
  • Are pregnant
  • Have had a radiation therapy
  • Are photosensitive or allergic to certain medicines or plants

How to prevent this condition?

While accidental injuries and factors relates to hormonal changes are beyond your control, you can prevent hyper pigmentation of skin by taking some general precautions as for other skin diseases:

  • While working outside, restrict your time in the sun and wherever feasible, seek shade.
  • Before stepping out, apply a good quality sunscreen lotion or cream all over the exposed parts of your face and body – the product should have an SPF of 15 or more.
  • Cover up well with clothes and accessories that limit your exposure to sun – wear hats/caps and UV blocking sun-glasses for more care.
  • Check your skin from head to toe regularly and meet a dermatologist if you see any new marks or abnormal growth.
  • Speak to your doctor or dermatologist before going for a major radiation therapy and be well aware of its side effects.

Treatment at Skin Alive

In some cases, normal skin colour may come back on its own. But if it does not happen mild dyschromia can be treated with topical applications and clinical procedures supervised by a dermatologist. To make your skin clearer and add radiant, Skin Alive has solutions in form of but not limited to:

  • Lightening Citrus C Face Therapy - Suitable for oily to normal skins, Citrus C Face Therapy is based on lightening plant extracts for AHA exfoliation, Vitamin C and marine extracts. We use this for deep cleansing of skin to eliminate impurities and remove hyper pigmentation.
  • Skin Circulation Therapy - Aimed at better blood circulation under your skin, this bespoke therapy helps to treat blemishes, acne scars, dark circles and patchy layers on skin.
  • Diamond Polishing – The procedure offers safe and controlled skin abrasion to improve the complexion of your skin giving it a visible, youthful glow.
  • Oxy-Infusion – For this a special oxygen mist is sprayed over your face and neck, and it is blended with special serums such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, and lysozyme – the combination not only gives skin a healthier glowing appearance on surface but also makes it healthy at deeper levels.
  • MEDLITE C6 QSWITCH LASER-It is known as the ‘workhorse’ of cosmetic lasers and its homogeneous beam delivers energy consistently over the skin surface is used in treatment of acne and keloids scars, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles and fine lines, pigmented lesions, uneven skin tone and melasma.

Your Appointment

Skin Alive has multiple treatment options for dyschromia or hyper pigmentation of skin. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our dermatologists and discuss the remedy that works the best in your case. Do bring in your medical and health records and tell us about the medicines you have been taking. The choice of a safe treatment among other factors strongly depends on factors such as pregnancy, any chronic illness or a long term treatment that an individual may be going through.

With a team of experienced medical practitioners and trained support staff, Skin Alive assures you of the best remedies against bothersome skin conditions.

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