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What are cysts?

Sebaceous cysts are non-cancerous closed sacs of tissue that are filled with fluid such as pus or semi slid material. They emerge anywhere and feel like little pea under the skin surface. Cysts develop because of infection, clogging of sebaceous glands or around artificial materials used on body such as jewellery.

Varying in size, at times cysts may be seen only under a microscope or they can grow so big that they severely affect body organs / tissues and cause complications. The external wall of a cyst is known as its capsule.

What are the symptoms of this condition?

Signs and symptoms of epidermoid or sebaceous cysts include:

  • An abnormal but painless lump under the skin.
  • Palpable tissues that can be felt with fingers - in areas like mammary glands.
Cysts of internal organs like kidneys, ovaries, or liver do not have any apparent symptoms and can only be diagnosed through medical techniques like CT scan and ultrasound. If it develops in brain, cyst may cause severe headaches and a physician must be consulted for timely treatment.

What causes cysts?

Sebaceous cysts are most commonly caused by blockage of hair follicles, physical trauma or very high levels of testosterone. There can be several other reasons and this disorder may come through wear and tear of ducts in body resulting in fluid build-up. Sebaceous cysts are quite likely to form in the hairy parts of the body or the male scrotum.

Certain infectious diseases, tumours and chronic inflammatory problems lead to the formation of cysts. Another reason for sebaceous cysts may be genetic disorder – the problem may run in the family. Any defect in the organ (such as brain) of developing embryo can result in cyst formation.

Impact wounds that break a blood vessel are also known to cause cysts.

Am I at risk of developing cysts?

Anyone may be affected by the condition but the chances of sebaceous cysts are stronger for people -

  • Past puberty
  • With a history of acne
  • With some rare genetic disorders
  • With injuries or wound on skin

How to prevent this condition?

Due to the inherent causes of cysts, you cannot really stop them but there are ways to prevent scarring and further damage:

  • By not squeezing the cyst on your own.
  • By covering the skin affected by a new cyst with warm moist cloth to let it drain and heal.

Treatment at Skin Alive

If a cyst is not malignant and does not cause pain or cosmetic problems, it may be left untreated. But treatment becomes necessary in cases where it starts to grow and leads to other complications. Cysts should not be treated by anyone other than a qualified and experienced medical practitioner. When treated improperly the region can become infected and may cause a life threatening emergency if the infection starts to spread throughout the body. Always consult a dermatologist for safe and effectual treatment.

There are medicines that are injected into the cyst to decrease swelling and inflammation. At time a small incision is made in the cyst to squeeze out its contents gently. It is a quick treatment but the cyst may resurface after some time. Your doctor may perform a minor, specialised surgery to remove the entire cyst from the body – it’s a safe treatment that can also prevent recurrence of the disorder.

Your Appointment

We have a qualified team of doctors and dermatologists to give you the safest and most effective treatment against sebaceous cysts. To take the first step towards our therapies, just bring in your medical records and tell us about the conditions that you have been treated for earlier. We also take a note of the medicines and supplements that you have taken for same.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have and the alternative treatments that you can take for cyst treatment at Skin Alive. Our team takes pride in giving personalised attention to each patient and we are dedicated to the art of aesthetic and safe dermatology.

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